316 stainless steel spigot modern design terrace glass railing

$150-200 $120/Meter

316 stainless steel spigot modern design terrace glass railing

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We offer a variety of glass balustrades here at Ritz Building, and the frameless glass balustrade is the most recent addition to our collection. Whereas our other glass balustrades are made up of glass panels and stainless steel posts, the frameless design does away with the posts, leaving only the glimmering glass itself. This is ideal for anyone who wants a completely uninterrupted view of their garden; the frameless glass still offers a professional finish and a singularly striking effect, but it doesn’t get in the way of what lies beyond.


Whether you need opaque privacy glass or a gorgeous transparent glass balustrade for your outdoor space, frameless glass is the perfect solution. Of all the glass balustrades we offer, the cool, minimal design makes this one the most alluring!



Ultra-strong 12mm glass
No drilling necessary
Panels are toughened to prevent breakage
May be frosted for privacy
Maximum post centres 1200mm

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