Wrought iron balcony railing / aluminum balconry balustrade

$100-150 $60

If you have been searching for aluminum railing, iron railing, steel railing, or wrought iron railings, then you are in the right place.

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Pre-welded iron/Aluminum railing components provide strength, while its’ triple-coat finishing process ensures durability. The pre-mounted brackets allow for quick installation. The satin, low-gloss finish hides marring, fingerprints, smudges and other dirt that can otherwise make a gorgeous installation look like it is in desperate need of a spit-shine.


[1] Popular and cost-effective railing solution.
[2] Strong, resistant to corrosion and weathering.
[3] Solderless, avoid harm and pollution from welding.
[4] Convenient installation, almost maintenance free.
[5] 15 years no corrosion under routine environment.
[6] Specification and colors can be customized.

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