Ritz for your home

Ritz Building Industry Limited is a private run business with many years of experience in the kitchen industry. Based in Shenzhen,Guangdong province we design and manufacture quality kitchen furniture for supply to the world 54 countries and regions.

Ritz Serivce

We supply to both the builder & contactor and own house decoration cleint. Whether you require twenty kitchens or just one very special one we apply the same exacting methods. We believe this is why we can count many satisfied and repeat customers, with more than 40 percent of our business coming through either returning customers or

Kitchen is more or less finished, I will send you the final picture after install. The kitchen looks really great and everyboday who is visiting us is impressed.

I really want to thank you for working so hard on this container order and I am very pleased.


To make sure that we could offer your best service and product, we set up a team for every project with four people.

  1. A sales man who in charge of your whole project.
  2. A technical man who response for the product details.
  3. An assistant who write down the project details and note all the customers requirements.
  4. A supervisor who check the work of them three, to make sure all the work would be done as talked,and his work is to take all the advise and handle all the disputes if there have.

Finished project and portfolio

We have been in this field for years, and we have done lots of project , in the future ,we plan to show some of our finished project once we get approved by our customer , so that would provide kinds of ideas and inspiration for our new customers.

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