What service do we offer?

Project consultation -
Products solution -
Integrated product design -
Manufacture -
Shipping arangement -
Installation guide and after service

Who does the work?

Team work:
We have a special team for each project, in each team, we have:
1*Project manager+
Products specialist (there are four in each team,
different people specialize in different products)+
Technical support (product designer and interior designer)+
Production organizer+
Shipment organizer

How does it work?

First: The customer will place a request for a particolar product and offer Ritz (Housin Industry for short) building information (floor plan + elevation section drawings + detailed drawing + specification + BOM);
Second: Ritz team work on building information, and work out a solution for each product, plus a detailed quotation;
Third: Customer checks quotation and solution;
Fourth: Customer confirms quotation details and products solution, then makes agreement with Ritz;
Fifth: Ritz offer detailed shop drawing for each products and customer confirm each shop drawing;
Sixth: Arrange production
Seventh: Quality check by Ritz or the customer, and arrange shipping;
Eighth: After service

What products can Ritz offer?

A All types of staircase, balustrade abd fencing;
B All types of storage space, including: kitchen cabinet, vanity units, laundry, wardrobes, book shelf, walk in closets, TV cabinets, dressing table, etc;
C All types of windows and doors, including: PVC windows and doors, aluminum windows and doors, timber windows and doors, fire doors, glass doors;
D Flooring: bamboo flooring, solid timber flooring, laminated timber flooring, PVC flooring, ceramic tiles;
E Light fittings - LED and solar lights and fittings;
F Furniture: beds, tables, chairs; sofas; curtains; outdoor furniture; hotel furniture;
G Shower glass and sanitary products: taps, shower heads, tower bar, sinks, toilets, bathroom accessories, etc.

Who are Ritz?

We are professional supplier of one stop solution for building materials from China.

What`s “One Stop Supply”?

1. We have full range of building materials including kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanity, wardrobe, stair&railing, window&door, shower room, furniture, flooring, and so on. We are expanding our product range all the time.
2. Besides the manufacture, We can also make the integrated design, provide technical consultation, handle the shipment(to your port or warehouse),do the installation guidance for you.
What has Ritz done?

We have been doing projects in USA, Canada, Mexico, Dominican republic, Australia, Maldives,Thailand, Mauritius, Kenya,and so on. In most of the projects, we supply the full range of decoration materials and furniture.
For more details of our projects, pls feel free to contact us.

Why import building material from China?

1. Very competitive price, it will save you third or even half cost for your project.
2. Good quality, don't worry much about the quality, actually, most of the building materials you buy from Miami, Dubai ,Italy, South Africa or your local market are imported from China. So why not buy direct from China. The key point is to find a reliable supplier who is honest and professional to take care of the quality and delivery time.
3. China has full range of building materials for your project.

What’s the advantage of Ritz's

1. Our "one stop supply" will save your time, your money, and make your work much more efficient. If we work together with you, you just need to contact one person(one of our project manager)for your entire project, then you needn't to deal with many different factories, spending too much time on finding the supplier, communication, explaining the drawing, inspection, shipment, and so on.
2. Our "one stop supply" can make sure the building materials match each other.

Compared to other building material exporter in China, what virtues does Ritz have?

1. We are one stop building material supplier, most of exporter only have one or two kinds of material.
2. You just need to contact one person for different products of your project, but not different people, or different factories.
3 .Most of our team member have more than 4 years of experience in this industry.
4. Our experienced designer and engineer team are familiar with your building code, and can always find the best solution for you.
How to start our cooperation?

If you are working on the projects, pls send us the plan&elevation drawing, we will make the solution and quotation for you, discuss about all the details with you, once you confirm our solution and quotation, Then we can start. Usually, we will make detailed shop drawing for your confirmation before production.
If you are wholesaler, pls send us the detailed information of the products you are doing, we will give you our best price for your reference. We can start from sample order. If you h

Does Ritz have price list?

As most of our products are customized, and do not have standard size, we do not have price list. But we can send you some price we quoted for other projects for your reference.

Where is Ritz?

We located in shenzhen city, next to Hongkong, and near to Guangzhou. If you come from Hongkong, you can come to Shekou Ferry in Shenzhen by ship, which is 40min; If you come from Guangzhou, you can come by train, which is around 1 hour.
Before our cooperation, we sincerely hope you could come to visit us, we have a big showroom to show you our product range. And we believe the face to face meeting at the beginning will be very good for our long lasting cooperation.

Does Ritz have catalogue?

Yes, we have catalogue with full range of our products, pls contact us if you need.

If the project have long schedule, will Ritz be patient to track from the beginning?

Yes, we can fully understand some projects have long schedule, we are glad to discuss with you from the beginning till you place the order. To our experience, it lasts 1-2 year from the inquiry to the order for some projects. We will be very patient to discuss with you for the details again and again, and wait for you if your project have any delay.

Any certificate for each market?

Most of our products have the certificate for North American, EU, Australia&New zealand market, and so on. We can also supply you the test report for our raw material if necessary.

If no project right now, would Ritz like to send detailed information for reference?

Of course, pls feel free to contact us for any question at any time, whether you have project or not.

What's ttl cost if import from China?

Your ttl cost would be: FOB price + shipping cost + import tax+ inland transportation charge (from your port to your warehouse).

Have Ritz worked together with Architect or interior designer before?

Yes, we have worked together with some Architects and interior designers already, our service is very helpful for them.

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We have our own splendid designers and experienced engineers. We are working with architects, developers, builders and contractors all over the word for kinds of projects.










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