The kitchen looks really great and everyboday who is visiting us is impressed. I am still waiting for the feedback about the bar project .They are waiting for the official approval……

Yves from Swiss, 12 ,2015 - Yves

I wanted to email you (finally after so long)and to let you know that the cabinets for the 1st building and flooring for all buildings of my project are now complete and installed.The quiality of the Kitchen cabinet and wardrobes was excellent. I really want to thank you for working so hard on this container order and I am very pleased. When the building is complete I will send some pictures.

Abdullah Alahmari from UAE.3.2016 - CEO

I am good evening yes I did talk with construction superintendent he is getting me dates he said with new schedule he's preparing now should have in next couple days he says. Also there has been a design change small one to some of the cabinets see the attached if you could send me new cut sheets with these changes attached that would be great as soon as possible please. Also I wanted to congratulate you and Ritz as our manufacturer for which I have decided to award this project with the cabinets and counter tops.

Brent Tobin from Australia. 11. 2015 - Brent Tobin

Again, I want to thank you for your paicence and cooperation. You are a credit to your company! I am expecting to see my dreamed kitchen…..

Johannes from ICELAND ,2016 - Johannes